Establish an in-box

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If papers tend to accumulate in various places in your home, you’ll find it easier to stay on top of paper if you set-up an in-box—a single collection spot for all your paper that needs to be processed. These are bits of paper that contain ideas or things to pick up at the store, receipts from your purse, phone messages, invitations, permission slips, etc.

establish an in-boxOnce you’ve established your in-box, you need to empty it every day! Record your to-dos on a to-do list, respond to RSVPs, make your phone calls, and add your errands to your errands list. If you’ve tried in-boxes in the past with limited success, you may have used it as temporary storage for in-process work. Create a separate place for your in-process projects, and use your in-box just for items to be handled, and then handle them every day. By handling your incoming paper on a daily basis, you’ll prevent clutter and the overwhelmed feeling that often accompanies those piles of paper.

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