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Let’s create fun and functional systems and put an end to paper clutter in your home!

Of all the types of clutter in the home, paper clutter can be the most unsettling. Without effective systems in place—those that fit your home and your natural way of doing things—paper can begin to take over every flat surface in your home.  The result is stressful piles and an unsettled feeling that something important is getting missed. If you can relate to this scenario and have felt those same feelings, I’d love to help.

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Using the process I developed for my Organize Your Paper Clutter online workshop, we’ll map out systems for each type of paper in your home. We’ll get to the root cause of why your current systems (or past systems) didn’t work well for you, and create new systems that will be effective and simple to use. Next, we’ll begin sorting through your current paperwork, and use it to create personalized paperwork systems that think like you and fit seamlessly into your home.

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This package is available to customers looking for in-home professional organizing services in the St. Louis metro area. If you live outside the St. Louis area, please check out our coaching program.