Create a Personalized Organizing Plan (In Home Consultation)

organizing plan bookIf you’re feeing overwhelmed by the clutter in your home, or you just aren’t sure about the best place to begin organizing your home, the Personalized Organizing Plan is for you. This is also a terrific first step if you want to do some or all of the hands-on organizing on your own, with a step-by-step plan and customized ideas from a professional organizer.

Your personalized organizing plan will map out exactly where to start getting organized and the steps to take to create the organized home you crave. If you’re currently feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about how to get started on your organizing journey, after the in-home consultation you’ll feel relieved, motivated and ready to go!

The process begins with an eye-opening and insightful questionnaire. As you answer the questions, you’ll begin to crystallize your vision and goals for organizing your home, and you’ll develop a clear understanding of what’s getting in your way. You can either complete your questionnaire before our appointment, in which case I’ll review your questionnaire in detail before our meeting, or we can go over the important questions during the in-home consultation.

clarify your goalsDuring our in-home meeting, you’ll show me around your home so I can understand where items naturally land, the flow of things into and out of your home, and what’s currently working for you form an organizational standpoint. We’ll also talk about the changes you’d like to make in your home so it works better for you and feels better, too. After our tour, we’ll finalize your plan by creating a project list and breaking it down into simple action steps you can take to accomplish your organizing goals.

After the consultation, you’ll feel motivated and confident. You’ll know exactly what to do to create the changes you want in your home. For some clients, this is all they need to create the results they want. For others, an in-home organizing sessions are the next step.

This package includes:

  • An insightful and eye-opening organizing questionnaire. This will lay the foundation for building your Personalized Organizing Plan and help you become clear about why past attempts to get organized didn’t work or didn’t stick.
  • My in-depth review of your questionnaire before we meet. I’ll arrive for the in-home consultation with a good understanding of your goals for getting more organized, as well as what’s currently standing in your way.
  • An in-home consultation. During this 2 to 3-hour meeting you’ll get on-the-spot tips, ideas, and plan-building.
  • Your Personalized Organizing Plan. This maps out exactly where to begin on your organizing journey, plus outlines bite-sized action steps to achieve your organizing goals. If you’re currently feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about how to organize your home, this plan gives you the tools you need to get started confidently.
  • A copy of the “Help! I Don’t Know Where to Begin” organizing mini-guide that details a simple, decluttering process and takes the guesswork out of getting started on your organizing journey
  • A copy of my Organizing 101 self-paced workshop delivered in PDF format. This will reinforce and expand on the ideas we discuss during our consultation. You’ll have everything you need to begin organizing your home.

Want to organize several rooms or your entire home?

This package is a terrific place to start! It will give you the foundation necessary to move forward together or on your own. If you want to organize a single space that is covered by one of my Services Packages (kitchen, creative space, closets, or paper) then you can skip the Personalized Organizing Plan and move right onto the in-home organizing package of your choice.

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