Avoiding clutter is a two-way street!

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Is clutter a one-way street in your home? Does more stuff come in than makes its way out? If so, keep this in mind: avoiding clutter is a two-way street. As you’re decluttering your home and removing unneeded items from it, make a conscious effort to slow the inflow of new items into your home, too!

To get started, begin to recognize your clutter traps—times when you’re tempted to bring things into your home that you don’t really want or need. Sales are very common clutter traps that are easy to avoid with a shift in thinking. Whenever you’re tempted to spontaneously purchase a sale item, stop and ask yourself if you’d purchase this very same item for the original ticketed price. If your answer is yes, you’re probably good to buy—if it’s something you need and absolutely love! If your answer is no, let it go! You don’t really need or want it if you couldn’t ever imagine paying full price for it!

Then, feel good knowing you’ve started the process of turning your clutter into a two-way street!

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