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As you embark on your decluttering and organizing journey, ask yourself this question:

What am I creating space for?

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In nearly every session of my online workshop, Quick + Simple Clutter Control, someone asks: What can I do about so-and-so’s clutter?

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November and December are by far the busiest months for my family and me. On top of the normal holiday merriment, BOTH my children have their birthdays. Not only does this test my time management abilities each year, it also challenges me organizationally.

Is clutter a one-way street in your home? Does more stuff come in than makes its way out? If so, keep this in mind: avoiding clutter is a two-way street. As you’re decluttering your home and removing unneeded items from it, make a conscious effort to slow the inflow of new items into your home, too!… continue reading…