Overcoming “I can always use another…” Syndrome

posted by Aby

Clutter control starts at the cash register.

This month, a new Sam’s Club opened up in our community (Glen Carbon, IL). It was a big deal and prompted much enthusiasm…and shopping. For many, shopping at Costco or Sam’s makes a lot of sense, but for others it may not. My family is still considering whether or not a membership is right for us. If we do buy in, we will have to be cautious in avoiding “I can always use another…” syndrome. I can always use another (or 24) cans of tomato sauce. I can always use another pack of toilet paper – it’s such a good deal?

Sound familiar? If so, give these ideas a try:

Avoid impulse purchases.

Sometimes deep discounts seem to cloud our reasoning, and we can’t seem to pass up a great deal! One way to prevent impulse purchases is to keep a wish list in your phone, purse or wallet. When you see something you want (but don’t really need) add it to your wish list. After waiting a week or so, look over your list. Decide if you truly need, love, or have-to-have anything on your list. If so, and if it fits your budget, go get it and enjoy! If not, throw out your list and pat yourself on the back! You just prevented clutter and saved some of your hard earned cash!

Identify your triggers.

When shopping, do you ever say “If it doesn’t work, I can always return it”? Clutter alert!! How often do you actually end up returning these items? Instead, do these things ultimately become clutter in your closet? If you don’t love it in the store, there’s something wrong with it. Either it isn’t exactly what you’re looking for or you don’t need it. Let it go, find something better, and feel good knowing you just avoided some potential clutter.

Create homes for your belongings.

Clutter often results when things don’t have a home or the home is inconvenient. I might save big if I buy 100 rolls of toilet paper at once, but if I don’t have place to store them, I’m bringing a potential organizing problem into my home. Before you purchase, particularly in bulk, think through where and how you will store it at home.

Think of it this way:  You use a door mat to prevent dirt from coming into your home. Likewise, it’s a good idea to have a system in place to keep clutter from getting in. Remember, the best way to control clutter is to prevent it!

Do you belong to a warehouse shopping club? And if so, do you have additional tips for avoiding “I can always use another…” syndrome?

Happy Organizing!

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