Make More Summer Fun + Get Organized for Back to School

posted by Aby

It’s hard to believe it, but in my community, there are just three weeks left until it’s back to school! I’ve got some plans for wringing every last drop out of this summer, and getting started now for fall.

We’ve been having loads of fun this summer…running in races, going for walks in the evening, growing a garden, and just enjoying all that is good about summer. But I still have a few things I want to be sure to do before summer officially fades away:

  • Go to our local farmer’s market. We have a great farmer’s market in my town and haven’t taken advantage of it much yet this summer. This one is at the top of my list. 
  • smoresMake S’mores. Yum. Even though we don’t have a camping trip planned…maybe S’mores over the grill. That sounds fun. :)
  • Get up early and enjoy the cool summer mornings. I love getting up at the crack of dawn and heading outdoors to enjoy the summer morning with a walk or a run. These are harder to fit in when school starts…so I’m taking the time to savor them now. 

OK…so now that we’ve got the fun captured, let’s get organized for fall. Here are just a few of my ideas, along with more info on making them happen:

  • Create a homework station. Our homework station just needs a little decluttering and freshening up, but if you’re setting one up from scratch, here are some ideas to get you started. Keep a stash of extra school and craft supplies at home so your child will have everything he needs at the ready come homework time. With all the back-to-school sales, now is a great time to stock up. I recently contributed to an article in Tattle Magazine on this very topic, with lots of ideas for setting up your own homework station! 
  • school lunch refrigerator binSet-up a lunch station. This system is a life-saver in my home since it simplifies getting school lunches made during the morning rush.To set up your own lunch station, carve out a spot in the kitchen for lunch-making supplies. Use a bin to gather lunch-making essentials such as napkins, spoons, thermoses, baggies, brown lunch bags, peanut butter, bread, crackers and other small snacks. You can also set up a mini station in the refrigerator for cold lunch items such as fruit, veggies, yogurt and cheese. 
  • Update the command central binder. This one is top on my to-do list. It’s time to clear out old info and create space for the new school paperwork headed my way. If you don’t have a command central binder yet, now is a great time to set one up. Click on the link above for a free how-to guide from my main site that walks you through the process step-by-step. 
  • Kids School Paper and Artwork Binders by GradeSet up a school paperwork binder. If there’s one thing I don’t miss about school, it’s all those papers that come home in the backpack! (Are you with me on that one?) Get ready for the onslaught of paper by setting up a school artwork binder—a centralized place to corral together the keepsakes your kids bring home from school. 

How about you? What are your plans for squeezing the best out of what’s left of summer? Do you still have things on your summer fun to-do list? How about plans for getting ready for fall? Please share…I love hearing your thoughts and ideas!


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