How to Organize Your Home

posted by Aby

Hello St. Louis friends! I wanted to let you know about a new blog series over on my main site It’s all about how to organize your home—sharing tips, ideas and insights about what it really takes to organize your home. The first post is called How to Organize Your Home: Sorting Like with Like. In this post I share a really important lesson I learned from my son when he was little. It’s a lesson that explains why sometimes sorting like with like isn’t enough to really organize your home so it works well for you and your family.

The second post, How to Organize Your Home: You Can Learn How, was written by simplify 101′s marketing and content coordinator. Jennifer is someone who for much of her life considered herself to be pretty messy. In this post she shares a bit about her journey to learn how to organize.

The third post is called How to Organize Your Home: When Eye Candy Isn’t Enough. If you’re ever discouraged by the photos of perfectly organized spaces that you see in magazines or on Pinterest, this post shares insight, ideas and encouragement.

I hope you enjoy the new series!


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