Kitchen Pantries – Before + After

Before organizing, it was hard to find essential food items due to the deep shelves. Storage bins were added for baking items and boxes were turned on their side, making items easier to see and access.
before after
Before - Pantry 1 After-Pantry 1
Here’s a straight-on view of the same pantry.
before after
Before- Pantry Closeup After- Pantry Closeup


Kitchen Cabinets

Before, these kitchen cabinets contained a mix of items. After organizing, appliances and basic kitchen tools were consolidated into one cabinet, making the items easy to find and use when needed.
before  after 
Before-Lower Cabinet 3 After-Lower Cabinet 3
After a little bit of decluttering the casserole dishes are now easy to find and located right next to the oven for easy access.
before   after
Before-Lower Cabinet 2 After-Lower Cabinet 2
Existing storage containers, including an empty ice cream container were re-purposed to create order under the kitchen sink.
 before  after
 Before-Under Sink 1  After-Under Sink 1
In this kitchen cabinet, items such as casserole dishes, kitchen tools, and baking items were relocated to other cabinets, creating easy access to frequently used pots and pans.     
before  after
Before-Lower Cabinet 1 After-Lower Cabinet 1
Simple changes in this cabinet make cups, glassware and coffee mugs easier to see and access.
 before  after
Before-Upper Cabinet  2  After-Upper Cabinet 2
By consolidating the drinking cups, dishes have more breathing room and frequently used serving dishes are now stored on easier-to-reach lower shelves.
 before  after
 Before-Upper Cabinet 1  After-Upper Cabinet 1
Medicine was consolidated in a long, narrow bin, putting the depth of the cabinet to good use without items getting lost in the back. Infrequently used coffee cups are stored on a high shelf above the coffee and tea-making items.
 before  after
 Before-Upper Cabinet 3  After-Upper Cabinet 3
Baking ingredients were moved to the pantry, creating the perfect storage location for sentimental dishes, serving pieces and a cake carrier.
 before  after
 Before-Upper Cabinet 6  After-Upper Cabinet 6
Shelf heights were adjusted to create space for frequently used vinegar and oil, turning this spice and pasta cabinet into a one-stop shop for cooking essentials.
 before  after
 Before-Upper Cabinet 4  After-Upper Cabinet 4